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Who We Are

PRIME IN is since thirty years the general sales agency in Italy of some of the most important foreign supplying firms, which produce cake- and chocolate articles.

The cakes of KUCHEN MEISTER in Germany, the tins with Danish butter cookies of JACOBSENS BAKERY in Denmark, the finest chocolate of RÜBEZAHL Schokoladen, the highest quality of the chocolate of the company GUBOR in Germany, the elegance and the delicious chocolate of HAMLET in Belgium  represent a part of our best assortment that we are always glad to suggest to our customers, warranting the highest quality of each product with prices and sales conditions that always go towards our customers’ necessities.

Our customer is dealt with the same sweetness of the products we sell.

We take good care of our customers from the starting point of our cooperation : we usually do our best in order to show better as possible our supplying firms, sending samples and catalogues each time that the customer makes a request.

We send to the customer our best offer only and if he is really sure about our way of work and about our honesty.

The orders, from the production, to the delivery, to the invoicing, are followed in the minimum particulars and we are always at the entire service of our customers to offset, in any way and at any cost, the mistakes made in the production or in the deliveries.

We never hesitate to accept the special promotion and discounts requested by the customers, provided they are within the range of what the supplying company permit to us.

Regarding the relationship with our Mother Companies, we grant them the honesty of our customers, and above all a fluent and clear market intermediation, in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstanding which could hurt our activity.

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