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RÜBEZAHL Schokoladen

RÜBEZAHL Schokoladen 


Founded in 1949 by Josef Cersovsky, as supplying Company of all kinds of sweets and candies, only after twenty years of activity, the RÜBEZAHL started the production and the sales of chocolate in all its shapes, from the puffed rice chocolate, whose quality gave to RÜBEZAHL a primary position, up to 1999 when they started the production on Disney license products.

Today, their objective is the preservation of their market position, reached on the whole European market after so many years of hard activity, and obviously, the expansion of their marks by a distribution inserting their name everywhere.

Besides the very high quality of the chocolate, what gives a great peculiarity to this Company, it’s the attention reserved to all that is around the chocolate world of RÜBEZAHL: original surprise and new games make these products good to eat and nice to find out… Among the pieces of chocolates, not only the kids will have fun to find figurines, puzzle and calendars with Disney characters and the music boxes and treasure money boxes will be nice boxes of many sweetness…

RÜBEZAHL Schokoladen
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