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KUCHENMEISTER GmbH, leading German company on the confectionery market, is working on the Italian market, too, since 1983 and, after a thirty years activity, is now in the basis assortment of the 90% of the Italian discounts and of the 40% of the Italian super- and ipermarkets.

Thanks to its great organization and to the automation of its production lines, KUCHENMEISTER is able to take care of the production on behalf of a third party, too.

In taking care not only the realization of all the products paying great attention, but also the packaging and the loading of the goods, KUCHENMEISTER export departments can check with great accuracy all the steps involving the products from its production to the delivery, granting a fast transport always in line with the customers’ necessities, whom the company grants all the possible assistance.

The wide assortment KUCHEN MEISTER, nearer and nearer to the Mediterranean taste, can count among its “sweetness”, besides the typical pastry products, the classical Cakes that from the filled and no-filled ones, arrive at the everlasting SACHER , with typical Austrian recipe.

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